Are you trying to find free artistic resources for your work? You don’t need to search anymore because I’m going to tell you about a fascinating portal with a huge collection of stock media assets today. Let me introduce you to Mixkit

We’ll examine its features, user interface, and customer service in today’s Mixkit. We will also try to understand its primary benefits and drawbacks. Now, without further ads, let’s begin!

An Overview Of Mixkit

Mixkit is an online collection of premium free resources that includes music, sound effects, artwork, and video templates that are all copyright-free. The most trending online marketplace, Envato Elements, introduced it in 2019.

They provide more than 50,000 creative stock assets for both private and business usage. They are completely free of charge; that’s right, the website is free of charge. With just one click, you may quickly get these stock assets from a website and utilize them for your projects.

The process to access the Mixkit website

process to access Mixkit

To access the website, you need to follow the given below steps:-

  1. First, choose one of the most used “Browser” from the device.
  2. The next step is to search for the official website using your browser’s search bar.
  3. From the SERPs that display, choose the official website and force yourself to land on the homepage.
  4. As you land on the homepage of the official website, you will see a lot of creative work.
  5. Now choose which service you want to use from the website.

Categories Offered On The Mixkit Website

Shall we explore the many types of free assets to verify if these Mixkit free elements are fully free? Together with licensing, let’s talk about the technical specifications of the free parts. As our main focus on the website is audio and video content, we shall speak about these topics.

Video clips

Although not great, this free video library is nonetheless decent. Most of the free films are in Full HD (1080p HD or 1920×1080). As far as we could determine, there are no 4K clips available. Here are several other libraries that are giving away free 4K videos.

We have analyzed the quality by downloading over twenty videos. These are the results we found:

  • 20–25 Mbps is a reasonable bit rate.
  • Each clip’s file size varies from 30 to 60 MB.

Music tracks

There are many hundred free music songs in the music library on it. These songs appear to be on the lower end of the quality scale in Envato’s music collection, based on both the sound and our prior experiences with their catalog.

Here are the results we obtained from many downloads:

  • Every song is an mp3 file.
  • Pro Tools is used to compress them all.


The website also has an amazing selection of free SFX. The audio files are in. WAV format. Although it’s on the lower side, the bit rate is acceptable.

A permissive licensing is used. These free sound effects can used for commercial ventures, TV, radio, video games, social media, YouTube, and video games.

Art and Illustrations

Mixkit does not provide free photos, but their site does provide a free art collection with imaginative and vibrant graphics categorized into over 15 categories, such as Business, Computer, Food, Love, Music, and so on. 

You may download the artwork in its original size from the website and use it as a desktop or phone wallpaper. Nevertheless, the picture is illogically cropped in the phone wallpaper format. 

Video Templates 

Do you edit videos? You’ll save a ton of time with these templates, though! For video editing programs such as DaVinci Resolve, Apple Motion – Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects, there is a different set of free video templates. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mixkit Website

The website offers various services and with that comes a ton of advantages and disadvantages of using the website:-


  • Simple User Interface: The website’s user interface is sleek, contemporary, and very simple for new users to navigate. To see or download an asset, all you have to do is click on it. 
  • No Intruding Ads: The website is branded with Envato Elements, but there are no annoying pop-ups or advertisements that lead to other websites. 
  • Download Many Assets: We don’t concentrate on just one kind of media element on our site. You receive free downloads of films, artwork, sound effects, audio material, video templates, and more! 
  • Unique Licensing for Every Asset: They provide a unique license for every asset that is available. Getting clarification on how to use the item correctly, is quite beneficial. 


  • Not Available for Free: Currently, their site does not provide free stock pictures. This feature alone will make it the best source of free stock media going forward. 
  • No choice for Account Creation: There isn’t one available. Should users want to browse a list of the assets they have downloaded or form wishlists, this is an issue. 
  • Restricted Collection: Altogether, more than 50,000 items make up their library. The quantity of assets that are available in each category is likewise not made clear by them. 
  • Upsells to Envato Products: There are advertisements and banners selling an upgrade to Envato Elements across the whole Mixkit interface. It’s a legitimate website, though, so I personally don’t mind the Envato logo.
  • No Customer Support: There isn’t a support page, live chat, or email address on their website for you to contact with questions. Envato Elements is reached using social networking buttons.

Know Is Mixkit Free Or Paid?

Yes, the internet has a tonne of free creative components. It offers a ton of content—free stock footage, audio tracks, sound effects, and video templates—without any kind of gating. No registration required for free downloads. It’s all there, ready for you to utilize in compliance with their licensing permissions.

Is Mixkit A Legit Site?

The website is legitimate, despite its somewhat unbelievable appearance. The website is the offspring of the well-known Envato marketplace. Free music, sound effects, and video samples are available to the creative community by Envato. If the free material on the website is something you like and you need more of, Envato might be a great alternative.


Mixkit emerges as an excellent go-to hub for free creative assets, offering an extensive range of high-quality resources. With a user-friendly interface, diverse content, and clear licensing, it provides a hassle-free experience. While lacking stock images and account features, it remains a safe and legitimate platform, supported by the reputable Envato marketplace.

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