Truecaller is the largest caller ID app available for iOS and Android, and it is the most widely used accurate number searching service worldwide. In the current digital era, where spam calls have become a common irritation, Truecaller has grown in popularity as a tool for recognizing and preventing unwanted calls. Truecaller Unlist is a trendy practice that many people are seeking methods to do. We tried our best to provide a comprehensive guide that speaks about the complete procedure that one must know about Truecaller Unlist.

Know More About Truecaller Unlist

There are times when you look for ways to eliminate Truecaller Unlist a number or contact data from Truecaller and its indexed lists. Some reasons that may count for a person to learn about Truecaller Unlist must be the privacy issues as Truecaller is one app that informs users about the owner of the number. This process does not make everyone satisfied as may not be open to sharing their database with other Truecaller users. The removal of your number from the list ensures that it isn’t searchable in the app, thus enhancing your privacy.

We will now examine how to remove a phone number from Truecaller by using the unlisting phone number guide for Truecaller. Before continuing, make sure to be aware that the number will no longer be available for searches once it has been removed from the Truecaller database. It will also no longer be visible to other users when you call, once you Truecaller Unlist. You should only erase the phone number if necessary because the free online phone number lookup feature of Truecaller helps users rapidly discover who they are and avoid spam calls.

Unlist Your Number From Truecaller: Steps To Follow

People frequently worry about their security and privacy when sharing information publicly. Nobody enjoys having their name and phone number visible on websites or applications that might be accessed by unethical individuals, and this is where Truecaller Unlist works wonders.

After disclosing that information, you may have noticed that practically everything has a remedy these days. Continue reading this post to find out how to completely erase or Truecaller Unlist your phone number from the app so that you can keep your security and privacy.

From Website:

Step 1: Check Out the Unlisting Page for Truecaller: 

Browse through

Step 2: Select Country: 

On the Truecaller Unlist page, you can enter your country code. Previously, the nation would have been displayed on the TrueCaller website. However, this has changed recently, so you will now need to manually enter the code.

Step 3: Enter your Phone Number: 

Once the user chooses their residing country, they’ll be approached to essentially mention the contact that they wish to remove from the database of Truecaller.

Step 4: Confirm Unlisting: 

After entering your phone number, select “Unlist Phone Number.” After that, Truecaller will handle your unlisting request.

Step 5: Wait for Confirmation:

You will receive an email confirming the successful unlisting of your number when Truecaller has reviewed your request.

From Android App:

  • Open the Truecaller application on your cell phone. Confirm that the Truecaller application is as of now on the latest variant.
  • Click the three dots to open the Settings menu.
  • Next, for Truecaller Unlist, tap the Privacy Center after swiping down.
  • To deactivate your Truecaller account, click Deactivate. The activity will require your confirmation twice. To confirm the activities, click on Yes.
  • Your number can automatically be listed again if you reactivate Truecaller after deleting it. This implies that your name and other information connected to your phone number can be visible to other Truecaller users.

From IOS:

  • Essentially, the user must open the official Truecaller application on your iOS device.
  • Next, to Truecaller Unlist, the user must find the plus button placed at the lower right corner of the app and tap it.
  • The user must select settings from the suggested list of options.
  • While they scroll to the bottom of the screen, they get access to the Privacy Center.
  • Next, they’ll be presented with options that include deactivating their account or keeping my data and deleting my data. They prefer tapping the deleting my data option in the matter where they can bear that Truecaller will erase all the information associated with your account.
  • Your Truecaller account will be terminated when you finally select “Deactivate Account.”

Why Unlist Your Number From Truecaller?

Truecaller Unlist is the best option if you would prefer to keep it secret and do not want anyone to know it belongs to you. There is a huge information base of telephone numbers from clients all around the world on Truecaller. Your phone number will be deleted from the database if you unlist it. Your phone number will no longer be visible to others if you remove it from the Truecaller database.

Truecaller Unlist Page OTP Verification

For security and preventing service violence, the OTP verification for truecaller unlist was implemented. In the past, anyone could unlist any number from the Truecaller database because it was possible to do so without using an OTP. Misuse may result from this. One can now only unlist their own truecaller number when using OTP verification.

The Positive Aspects About Truecaller Unlist

In the current digital era, it is essential to take precautions to protect your data because personal information is shared online and through mobile apps more and more frequently. Truecaller Unlist from a data set is a helpful technique for recapturing command over your own information and restricting admittance to data like your portable number. Unlisting your telephone number can likewise assist with lessening the risk of fraud and different fakes. There are various privacy advantages to taking your phone number away from the Truecaller database. 


As crucial as reducing spam calls in this digital age is protecting our privacy. To Truecaller Unlist for any reason, follow the above mentioned processes, even if it is a creative organization that provides a helpful service in this area. Remember that it could take some time for Truecaller to remove your number from its database. Take our further advice seriously and consider using it along with removing your number from the list to further enhance your privacy and protect yourself from spam calls.