With the whole lot of advancement around us due to the coming age of technology, we all will agree about the interconnectedness. This connectivity around the globe has created multiple business and growth opportunities for different sets of people. The only thing we need to do in order to utilize all the same is to know ways in which we can utilize the same for ourselves. Therefore, to make you aware of one such gateway by which you can trade at a global level, we are going to discuss Soujiyi. Hence, if you wish to gather all the minute details about the platform and its offerings then keep reading this blog till the very end. 

An Overview of Soujiyi

Soujiyi is a dedicated web-based platform created and owned by Chongqing Huifa Network Technology Co. Ltd. The company is located in the Hengda Zhongyu Plaza, Yubei District, Chongqing. They have specialized in providing international trade, cross-border e-commerce, and other foreign trade. To cater to these services seamlessly, they have also been providing various data software that users can use for their convenience. Apart from this since the launch of this company; they have tirelessly worked towards providing its services, and this has made them gain a lot of praise. Thereby expanding their horizons and working globally for various partners and customers. 

Products Offered By Soujiyi

To cater to the demands and choices of the wide set of audiences and customers, Soujiyi has multiple products. We have talked about some of the top and most popular products of the Soujiyi to provide you with a brief overview. 

  • Email Finder: With the help of this product of the platform you will be able to locate every minute customer email easily. This will enable you to understand the customer feedback and their requirements more conveniently. 
  • Email Campaigns: You can raise any email campaign easily with the help of Email Campaign products. It eliminates the lengthy and overwhelming process, thereby allowing you to complete the task in a blink. 
  • Sales CRM: Soujiyi CRM Which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is done highly effectively. You can understand the preferences of your customers, with the real-time information that you receive.
  • Data Subscription: The Artificial intelligence utilized by the platform brings in and analyses data from all around. Upon analysis, these collected data are verified and delivered to the customers, so that work seamlessly. 

Steps to Sign Up at Soujiyi

If you wish to use the services and products offered by the Soujiyi then you must complete the registration process. To register yourself on this platform, you can follow these mentioned steps.

Steps to Sign Up at Soujiyi
  • The first step is to open “Browser” on any device of your preference. 
  • Upon opening of the browser, you need to utilize the search bar and enter Soujiyi on it. 
  • From the appearing result tap on the official website from the dashboard.
  • As you enter the homepage of the platform, click on the “Sign Up” button appearing in the top right corner. 
  • On the prompted page enter your country code, mobile number, PIN code, password, and username. 
  • Once you have entered all the credentials, verify to avoid any errors, and hit the “Register” button. 
  • Finally, your account will be successfully created on Soujiyi, for you to use. 

Note: In case you are not able to access the Official website, we recommend you use any reliable VPN. 

Process to Complete Soujiyi Login

After you have created your account on Soujiyi, you must go ahead with the Soujiyi Login process to access your account. By following these undermentioned steps you can do the same easily.

Process to Complete Soujiyi Login
  • Open any “Browser” on any device, to navigate the official website.
  • From the appearing SERPs, tap on the result that carries the facial website link.
  • On the main dashboard of the platform, click on the “login” button from the “Menu Bar”. 
  • Next on the prompted page enter your mobile number along with the country code in the provided input boxes. 
  • Verify your number, and you can complete the Soujiyi Login easily. 

Characteristics of Soujiyi

Soujiyi has always stood apart from all its other competitors, not only because of its services. But their other additional offerings have made them unique. Reading the below information will brief you about their additional offerings.

Soujiyi Blogs

The platform has a dedicated section of blogs, through which they cover hot rade and their service-related other topics. This not only makes their website informative but also caters to the several needs of the audience. Apart from this, they have also worked to make their section by including various different sets of information. 

Soujiyi Community

They have also provided a dedicated community for tier audiences and customers to join in. By doing so they can not only get to know about other serval partners and customers, but they can also find people with similar interests. 

Soujiyi Friendly Interface

The best of using this site is that you will get a friendly interface to access which will make the navigation easy. Furthermore, they have also provided comprehensive blogs, which can be easily understood. 

Pricing Structure of Soujiyi 

To avail of the services and products of Soujiyi, you must be aware of its pricing structure. Therefore, we have provided a complete pricing structure of both personal as well as enterprise pricing. 

Personal Payment FreeStandard Version at 6980/year Single Version at 1998/year
Enterprise Payment Standard Version at 3680/yearPremium Version at 6980/yearUltimate Version at 9980/year  


In this blog, we have tried an incorporate all the basic details of Soujiyi, thereby working tirelessly to make this informative for you. Therefore, by reading all this provided information where we have discussed, the platform’s products, sign-up process, and more. You will be able to gather a good amount of information. So, if you wish to begin your international or essay global trade then this good be a good opportunity for you. 

Disclaimer: “All the details provided in this blog are meant only for informational purposes, and are solely based on our research. There can be instances of noncompliance with the provided information. therefore we recommend you verify the same from the official website of Soujiyi.

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