Electrical dangers like shocks and fires carry heavy risks that NFPA 70E helps mitigate through worksite safety standards and education. NFPA 70E training teaches employees the electrical precautions established by the National Fire Protection Association for hazard awareness and accident prevention.

Mandatory for any staff handling electrical systems, NFPA 70E programs cover key topics from personal protective equipment to risk assessments. By championing a culture of safety rather than basic legal compliance, NFPA 70E training empowers workers to maintain safe conditions and actively avoid harm. Understanding these protocols protects both human well-being and organizational success.

Creating a Culture of Safety

Electrical accidents like arc flashes, shocks, fires, and explosions carry huge consequences if proper safety precautions aren’t thoroughly taken. NFPA 70E training comprehensively provides the critical electrical hazard identification knowledge and vital safety best practices necessary to accurately recognize these dangers and effectively handle them through essential protective measures. Organizations that actively prioritize and follow NFPA 70E guidelines demonstrate a culture of safety that protects all of their employees from potential tragic injury while proactively avoiding costly financial downtown and destruction of equipment assets.

Comprehensive Safety Education

In-depth NFPA 70E training encompasses an extensive breadth and range of crucial safety topics vital for hazard prevention. These include established procedures for safe installation, ongoing life-cycle maintenance, and routine inspection of electrical systems, gear, components, and parts. 

Additionally, the proper selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) like insulated gloves, establishing lockout/tagout protocols and vigilantly maintaining electrically safe work conditions at all times. Comprehensive programs also strongly emphasize the monumental importance of routinely and systematically conducting arc flash risk assessments to identify potential electrical hazards before they occur proactively.

Reach Every Level of the Workforce

Robust, multi-modal training is universally beneficial for any employee who interacts with installing, repairing, operating, or working close to electrical equipment, including electricians, maintenance personnel, facilities managers, safety directors, engineers, and individual contributors. It’s also a legally required code for employers to provide this fundamental education, such as core electrical safety and health standards training under occupational, state, and federal governance. Only when all relevant staff and leadership are thoroughly trained can worksites holistically operate with complete electrical safety as an unwavering top priority.

Added Benefits

Looking beyond baseline legal compliance, prioritizing high-quality NFPA 70E programs actively empowers each employee at a personal level to maintain constant safety vigilance, potentially saving lives. A proactive focus on electrical accident prevention also drastically improves operational efficiency metrics and may substantially lower company insurance rates over time as risk is reduced.


Committing to comprehensive NFPA 70E training allows organizations to help prevent catastrophic electrical accidents through consistent safety education. By collectively supporting and deeply understanding relevant NFPA standards, companies can confidently execute complex operations, create reliably safer work environments, and vigilantly protect their most valuable asset – their human workforce.

When leadership makes NFPA 70E safety protocols a top priority across departments, a culture emerges where employees are actively empowered to maintain electrical vigilance, not merely comply with minimums. This workplace culture, rooted in hazard awareness and human value, upholds the dual goals of productivity and safety. By internalizing the safety lessons of NFPA 70E, staff carry an intrinsic protection against dangers at other job sites. A workplace making worker well-being paramount through NFPA 70E earns loyalty and excellence.