Considering to sell a house quickly always comes with a good reason. And if you want to sell your house fast, you might be wondering how to close the deal without delays.

While you should still look to maximize your sale price, there are alternative tactics you can employ to help speed up the selling process. The good news? Selling to cash home buyers is one of the solutions to sell your house fast and put some quick money in your pocket.

Sell Your House Fast to Cash Home Buyers

Selling to cash buyers is an appealing option for those wanting a quick sale. With cash home buyers, you can sell faster than financing-contingent buyers.

Cash buyers don’t require mortgage approvals or lengthy appraisal and underwriting processes that can drag out a normal transaction. They can also close more flexibly without waiting for the perfect funding date.

This flexibility allows cash buyers to make immediately binding offers sight unseen, purchase as-is without requiring repairs, and close sales in a matter of days once the paperwork is complete.

Just be sure to do due diligence to avoid scams. An honest cash offer from a reputable buyer is the perfect way to sell your house fast.

Offer Guaranteed Closing

Another strategy that speeds up the sale timeline is guaranteeing closing within a set period, such as 30 days. This gives buyers confidence that their offer will reach acceptance and that they will retain the home to another purchaser during a lengthy closing process.

To sweeten the deal, be willing to offer contingencies like flexible inspection periods, letting purchases waive appraisal contingencies, or discounting the sale price slightly for a guaranteed quick closing. Not only does this make your listing more attractive than others without such guarantees, but the shorter marketing period means less time on the market and a faster sale overall.

Coordinate Open Houses on Weekends

Rather than just listing your property online, opening your home for showings on weekends when most buyers have free time to explore homes amplifies marketing efforts and potential for multiple offers. Well-staged open houses increase buyer traffic dramatically.

Give your real estate agent advance notice to promote weekend open houses with mailers. Invest in professional staging and a fresh coat of neutral paint beforehand as well.

Consider a Short Sale

While it involves some extra legwork and paperwork, considering a short sale is viable if your mortgage balance exceeds your home’s fair market value.

Make your listing attractively priced below appraised value to generate buyer interest quickly. Though transactions take more negotiating than normal sales, many short sales close within under three months with the right motivated real estate, banking, and legal team involvement.

In Closing

The best way to sell your house fast is by finding a cash buyer and negotiating solid contracts to ensure a timely process. For homeowners in a rush, high-visibility marketing with streamlined sale contingencies helps transform their most valuable asset into ready funds. Forget the inconveniences of house showings, listings, and repairs, and sell your house fast to cash buyers today.