You must have heard that studying MBBS in Russia is an ideal option by now, especially when you are planning to study in one of the top medical schools in this country. Beyond question, you have made a wise choice so far! 

Russia is a global leader in the training of chemists, mathematicians, physicians, programmers, physicists, engineers, and experts in various scientific domains.

There are several different advantages of studying medicine in Russia, but first, let’s look at some fascinating facts about the country.

  • Russia is well-known for having a strong and cutting-edge educational system.
  • The country has a literacy rate of 99.6%, which is quite impressive for sure.
  • Due to its high standard of education and affordability, Russia draws students from all around the world, especially those who desire to study MBBS at affordable cost, because MBBS in Russia Fees in rupees are around 14 to 30 Lakh in the 2024 session for Indian students.
  • Academic requirements are online with those of Europe.

Studying MBBS in Russia: Advantages

Affordable Education

One of the biggest advantages of studying MBBS in Russia is the affordability of medical fees. The total course fee for MBBS is relatively lower compared to other popular countries, like the USA, the UK, France, Germany, and European countries, even the fees are much more affordable compared to private medical schools in India where the fees charged are exorbitantly high. You can complete an MBBS in one of the top medical schools in Russia for 30 lakh.

No Entrance Exam Required

There is no entrance exam for studying medicine in Russia, but for Indian medical aspirants NEET is mandatory, but a high score is not required.

Globally Recognized MBBS Degree

NMC Medical College recognition is there in Russia’s medical schools. A majority of medical colleges in Russia are approved and recognized by the National Medical Commission, erstwhile known as the Medical Council Of India, WHO, and FAIMER, so the MBBS degree is globally recognized. After completing MBBS in Russia, you can practise anywhere in the world.

Multi-cultural Environment

International students choose Russia to study medicine because of its multicultural environment. Students get the opportunity to experience new cultures and meet people from all around the world. This helps them develop an open mind and interpersonal skills.

Studying MBBS In Russia: Disadvantages

Russian medical schools offer vast medicine and dentistry courses for domestic and international students. It is natural that if there are some advantages of studying in a particular country, there will be some disadvantages, but here in Russia the disadvantages are very few. Let’s discuss some cons/disadvantages of studying medicine in Russia.

Universities That Offer English & Russian Medium Instruction

Many medical universities in Russia offer MBBS in English medium, but there are some universities that offer MBBS programs either in the Russian language or the first 3 years in English and the rest of the years in the Russian language. So, you should clarify which university is offering an MBBS in English language only, so that you may not face any language issues while pursuing an MBBS in Russia

Studying Over There 

Accommodation and food are two most important things Many students say food and accommodation are a bit expensive in Russia. Yes, it is expensive but not that high. If you don’t waste your money outside on other things, then you can manage it.

Climate Condition

Winter is extreme in this country. You are going to study MBBS in Russia, so you need to say at least 7 years, where winter normally falls below zero degrees for about three to four months. If you are from India, then it could be an issue for a few months but believe you will be accustomed to the climate day by day.

Choose The Right Agent

Choosing a reliable agent is an important thing that you need to keep in mind before you plan to study MBBS abroad. Beyond question agents or consultants help their students get into good universities and countries as per their career goals and budgets but all agents are not dependable. So choose a consultant or agent wisely. If you choose a reliable agent, your admission will be smooth and easy.

Some students see the duration as a factor, where 5.8 years is the duration for MBBS in Russia and most countries offer the same program in 5 years. That means you will have to stay in Russia for a couple of months extra. But honestly, 8 months more is not a big deal, if you love your study and the country you reside in.

Top NMC-Approved Medical Schools In Russia 

  1. Yaroslav The Wise Novgorod State University – QS World Rank – 401
  2. Bashkir State Medical University – QS World Rank – 5240
  3. Smolensk State Medical University – QS World Rank – 5361
  4. Kabardino Balkarian State University- QS World Rank – 2795
  5. Tver State Medical University – QS World Rank – 2500
  6. Kazan State Medical University – QS World Rank – 6143
  7. Volgograd State Medical University – QS World Rank – 4252
  8. Crimea State Medical University – – QS World Rank – 3512
  9. Samara State Medical University – QS World Rank – 5422
  10. Orel State University – QS World Rank – 492

End Note

There are ample advantages to studying MBBS Abroad, and Russia is no exception. When you are studying in a foreign country, it doesn’t mean there will be only advantages. Yes, disadvantages are there, but that is limited, and with your sheer determination, you can manage them. The cons that we have mentioned here in this post will also help you know how to cope with them easily.