The majority of dental problems are caused by our lifestyle choices, such as the consumption of high-sugar content foods and neglecting oral health. Dentists spend years studying and improving medical procedures, discovering new ways of rectifying the majority of dental problems facing humanity today. 

You do not have to worry about misaligned, broken, or discolored teeth anymore because, well, you came across this article. Let us look at some of the dental procedures you can undergo if you want to improve the condition of your teeth or restore their natural color.

Composite Tooth Filling

Have you ever had a broken or decayed tooth? Traditionally, having broken teeth translated to painful visits to the dentist, which meant going back home a tooth short. 

Decayed teeth are a result of poor oral hygiene, usually causing bad breath. Composite teeth fillers are artificial materials made to have the same texture and hardness as a tooth. Nowadays, teeth fillers have glossy materials incorporated during their manufacture, such that after a tooth is filled and polished, the decayed tooth will have a glossy white look. 

The process of filling teeth is classified as a minor procedure, where the cosmetic dentist Rochester hills will drill and remove most parts of the rotten tooth, repair any damaged roots and gums, and finally fill in the hole with the tooth filler. You do not have to worry about the pain during the drilling as the dentist will administer anesthesia prior to the procedure. The filled tooth is then polished to give a natural white shiny finish.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, often referred to as zoom teeth whitening, is a dental procedure that allows you to restore the white color of your teeth without surgery. Think of it as scrapping old paint off of a wall and applying new coats of paint. The teeth are cleaned, and a gel is applied to the enamels and crowns. 

Discolored teeth pose a great problem for patients who, after teeth whitening using traditional methods, often complain of increased teeth sensitivity and sharp pains after taking hot or cold drinks. With zoom whitening, you do not have to worry about teeth sensitivity because not only does the procedure scrap off affected parts of the tooth, but it also coats it. 

Zoom whitening is done only once, and the coat is strengthened by exposing the whole repaired tooth to LED light. The final product is a dazzling white smile. 

Dental Bonding

Misaligned teeth is one of the worst forms of dental imperfection. Milk teeth usually fall off at a young age, and wisdom teeth grow in their place. The growing wisdom teeth may fail to grow congruent to the jawline, and the resulting phenomenon is teeth misalignment. 

Dentists will prescribe a dental bonding procedure where a composite resin material matching the tooth color is applied to the tooth. Cracked and chipped teeth are also repaired by a dental bonding procedure. The composite resin blends in seamlessly with your teeth and rectifies any imperfections that appear on the teeth. Once dried, the teeth are cleaned and polished, and you attain the natural glossy smile you truly deserve.


If you ever had teeth growing incongruent to the jawline or had teeth protruding outside your mouth, then you understand the discomfort such teeth can cause. Misaligned and overlapping teeth do not facilitate an ideal smile. Due to genetic variations, some people experience teeth misalignment from an early age. If not rectified early, the teeth may permanently stay out of line throughout the person’s entire life. 

There are different measures your cosmetic dentist Rochester hills will take to rectify overlapping and misaligned teeth, such as prescribing dental braces to straighten your teeth. Minor surgical procedures such as gum contouring will help strengthen your gums and rectify protruding teeth over the jawline.


A perfect smile is a gift that lets you connect with people, and having natural white teeth lightens up the smile. Dental problems are a threat to your social life and need to be addressed with equivalent urgency. Thanks to medical advancements in cosmetic dentistry, you can now restore your smile with minimal financial investment.