Although No Deposit bonuses are less common than other online casino sign-up promotions, most American punters prefer this offer. This is because they get it instantly after registration without committing any funds. It also helps them explore the gambling site without risking their real money.

Despite offering a rewarding experience, there are still misconceptions about deposit bonuses. One is that it is the best form of promotion; is No Deposit bonus the best? The following lines hold your answer as our experts debunk 6 myths about the No Deposit Bonus.

All New Casinos offer No Deposit Bonuses

Many believe new gambling platforms need to attract customers, and the best way is offering No Deposit offers for new users. Well, based on our experience with new and old top-rated US casinos, this point is not valid. While it is okay to attract new customers, that should not be the primary goal, but to ensure quality services. Bettors will eventually patronize credible casinos, even with promotions. Therefore, you can’t find this offer on all new operators.

No Deposit Offers are the sole Risk-free offer online

Numerous offers by online gambling sites offer guarantees for punters. While you don’t need to commit cash before claiming this offer is risk-free, a 100% cashback on the first wager is also risk-free and even sounds better. This is because you play with real money, and your winnings are withdrawable instantly, unlike No Deposit offers that require playthrough.

No Deposit Bonus is the Best Promotion

It’s time to answer the question in our introduction, and the answer is no. Our team has reviewed many operators, like PayPal casino sites, and their bonuses, and we believe there are better offers than No Deposit offers. A good example is the 100% first wager loss cashback and No wager bonus. Further, some deposit match bonuses are even better. Look at it this way. Between a No-deposit bonus with a 50x wagering requirement on winnings and a Deposit match bonus with 10x playthrough, which is better?

You can only claim No deposit promotions with promotion codes

No, not all sites require promotion codes before claiming no deposit bonuses. Many online casinos offer this promotion without asking for codes. Americans only need to sign up and verify their new account, and the offer will be credited instantly.

No deposit bonuses are fixed amounts.

Many believe since claiming the offer requires no funding for a percentage to be calculated as a deposit match, No deposit offers are given as a fixed amount. This is false because an online gaming platform can offer this type of promotion in different forms. For instance, most casinos offer free spins as their No Deposit promotions.

All Winnings from No Deposit Offers are Withdrawable

After scaling through challenging wagering requirements while redeeming your offer, most casinos impose limits on withdrawable winnings. Punters are only allowed to withdraw a given multiple of the initial bonus. This is common with all forms of bonuses.


No deposit bonuses remain one of the best casino offers you will get online. While we have debunked the misconceptions about the offer, you can maximize the request and make a profit. However, always remember to gamble responsibly.