Despite the arrival of OTT, people are still finding the cheaper ways of watch the content in form of movies, TV shows and series. Despite a new movie, that comes at the cinema hall, released soon on OTT.

    It means it does not take more 70 days for a movie mostly to come at the comfort of home on Movierulz TV and other websites and apps. Despite the rates of internet has become cheaper, still people are finding it hard to watch the content in a legal manner. Look at Bollywood, here only best movies work and the average movies do not cover the budget post 2020.

    This tells that despite rates of watching the movie that is new would be cheaper, still, people would find ways to make sure that it can bring the best.

    The rise of OTT

    The rise of OTT platforms all over the world made sure that movies can come faster after the time of it is done at the big screen. And it started to happen, so the makers felt that now people would stop watching the content for third-party much as a good option is there and to fill the gaps, web series would work well. And it did some of the movies go straight to OTT which never used to happen before.

    So it gave viewers the chance to watch content let us say on Amazon Prime Video. Indeed, some of the plans went well. But out of 100, it went well for just 10 per cent. Rest 90 did see channels like Movierulz TV and other platforms. As here they upload all the latest movies, TV shows and web series. This is something that is never heard of for many that how can this content be for free. 

    The gamer breaker

    See it is always bad to take things from somebody when millions of USD are being invested in a project. And hence, some of the people do not want to do it. But they had to as the overall cost is very high and it takes a lot to manage things well. Hence, they always try to save money.

    The cost of watching a movie at a multiplex is high that it can cover the cost of all the OTT platforms if going to watch a movie with family. But people have the habit to watch some movies at the cinema hall.But the rates are going up by every year and hence, the cost becomes hard to bear. And the same time, the increments are not happening for many people all over the world.

    This is why OTT cost and cinema cost are huge combined. Hence, people think that in some places they can do the cost cutting. And to be fact, who does charge 400 INR for a popcorn worth 30 rs. This is something that does not happen at all in other ways of watching things. And hence, Movierulz TV are taking advantage.