The animation and VFX industries are multiplying in the era of innovation. Due to these advancements in animation and VFX, we have seen Thanos and Iron Man suit up in Avengers movies over the years. For students of VFX and animation, there is an opportunity to meet animation and visual effects experts. But what if we say there is a way that allows you to speak with your animation and VFX industry mentors? In November 2023, the BFX festival is about to happen. In this article, we will learn about the upcoming BFX Festival.

    What is the BFX Festival?

    For animation and VFX students and lovers, it’s a holy festival. Bournemouth University has held a BFX festival for animation and VFX artists, technicians, and students every year since 2013. In this festival, various VFX and animation artists (speakers) share their knowledge and experiences with others. The speakers who come to this festival are Oscar-nominated or have received lots of awards in the field of animation and the VFX industry.

    History of BFX Festival

    It all started in 2013 at Bournemouth University of England. Onwards, thousands of VFX and animation experts and students get together yearly and share their knowledge and skills with newcomers. It helps newcomers in the industry understand the standards of this industry.

    The Purpose of the BFX Festival

    The BFX Festival is for everyone interested in visual effects and animation. It allows students and self-learners to be aware of the industry standards regarding a career in animation and visual effects. Besides, it is also an opportunity to get hired by giant companies in this industry.

    How to Buy Tickets for The BFX Festival 2023?

    The BFX Festival 2023 will be held in November from the 20th to the 25th at Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus. BFX Festival 2023 allows students worldwide to participate in this festival online and offline. To purchase the ticket, the participants must visit the BFX festival’s official website,, and pay the fee of €5.87 per ticket. Participants who cannot be physically available at the BFX festival can enjoy the masterclass and other essential sessions online.

    Highlights of upcoming BFX Festival 2023

    The BFX 2023 is going to be massive this year. Lots of experts from various countries are coming this year. Here are a few highlights of the upcoming BFX Festival 2023:

    • Two fast-sculpting Competitions
    • The masterclass about AI usage in film and game-making
    • The festival is going to happen from November 20–25, 2023.
    • Video game giant The Playground Games is coming to the BFX festival.
    • The appearance of Digital Studios was also confirmed at the BFX festival.

    The BFX Festival 2023 Program Information

    Let’s learn about the specific events going to happen at the BFX Festival 2023.

    • 20 November 2023: Three master classes named Poole Gateway Building 307, Poole Gateway Building 106, Fusion Building, and opening ceremony (From 11:00 to 18:30)
    • 21 November 2023: Two speakers’ series and one Poole Gateway Building 106 masterclass (From 10:00 to 17:00)
    • 22 November 2023: Three Speaker series and two masterclasses (From 10:00 to 18:00)
    • 23 November 2023: Three speaker series and one recruitment event (From 09:45 to 17:00)
    • 24 November 2023: One Speaker series, two masterclasses, and one recruitment event (From 10:00 to 18:00 or later)
    • 25 November 2023: Four speaker series, three master classes, and closing ceremony (10:00 to 08:00 pm or late)

    Benefits for Students to Join BFX Festival 2023

    The BFX Festival is for everyone, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert in animation. It offers various benefits to individuals connected to the animation and visual effects industry. 

    Here are the key benefits of participating in the BFX Festival 2023:

    • Expert Speakers: 

    Many Hollywood and other animation and gaming industry experts are attending the BFX festival this year. The expert speaker helps the students understand the technical terms of animation and VFX based on their experience and knowledge. It also helps the newcomers understand the technical stuff behind the scenes.

    • Several gaming and animation companies:

    Various gaming and animation companies are also hosting this year’s BFX festival. These companies share their point of view when hiring candidates for their organization. It helps individuals prepare themselves according to their standards for better future opportunities.

    • Latest Technology and Techniques:

    The participants of the BFX festival also get the opportunity to become familiar with ongoing technology in the animation and visual effects industry. That helps the individuals polish their skills to the next level. Besides, lots of top experts in the games and animation industries are coming to the festival. They will share the best techniques to make the difficult task simple. It will help the students learn about their working methods from industry experts.

    • Networking Opportunity: 

    The BFX festival of 2023 will be one of the largest gatherings of computer animation, visual effects, and game experts around the globe. It allows individuals to become familiar with the experts and grow their network in the industry. It will help the students open the door for their upcoming animation and visual effects careers.

    • Career Opportunity: 

    Many companies also hire animation artists from BFX festivals. It also increases the chances of getting hired by industry giants. Apart from that, an individual also receives experience in the working culture of the animation and VFX industries. It helps the students prepare for such a culture while working in this industry.


    The BFX festival of 2023 is going to open lots of doors of opportunity for young animators and visual effects artists. The gaming and animation industry experts are coming to this festival to share their experiences and techniques with young artists. Besides, various gaming and animation giants also come to this festival to hire their future artists. If you are looking for a career in animation and visual effects, this could be the best opportunity for you to become familiar with industry experts around the globe.