India’s online casino market is one that has been experiencing plenty of growth in recent years. It is one that is also expected to continue to expand further, too. According to estimates, an annual compound growth rate of 5.45% between 2024 and 2028, with a market value of INR US$1.15bn expected. 

As a result, it has been an industry that operators have been looking to try and enter as they recognize the opportunities that can be obtained. It is unsurprising, given that India has a gambling culture with a population of over 1.4 billion, and 40% of adults using the internet admitting they have gambled at least once. 

However, with the fierce competition that is being experienced, casinos have had to be innovative with the ways in which they can try and attract new players to their sites. It is not uncommon for many to offer a no deposit bonus in India, but other promotions have become made available to try and entice some in alternative ways.

Existing Player Bonus

An existing player bonus has become a method in which casinos have looked to try to retain the players that they already have and stop them from going to their competitors. It can often be an undervalued or overlooked method, as casinos often try to attract new players more often than keeping them on board. 

This bonus can come in many forms and can often be created based on big data analysis to maximize its attraction. Casinos can analyze what a player’s behaviors and trends are, and then offer a bonus that suits those traits. For instance, they can offer a free spins promotion to a player who has shown an interest in playing slots. Players should snap up these offers when available, as they can enhance the experiences that are obtained and get more value for money.

Cashback Bonus

A casino cashback bonus should also be a must-try promotion that Indians should be looking to utilize as much as possible. These bonuses are designed to give players back a proportion of the money they have lost as funds, thus allowing them to prolong any gaming session they may enjoy. 

They are often used to reward loyalty and can vary in size, which can appeal to existing members. It can also appeal to new players as they know that they will be able to potentially receive funds back that they can use to extend any sessions that they enjoy and feel more valued.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a must-try casino bonus that is available in India at certain casinos that should not be missed. These bonuses can provide players with money on top of the amount that they deposit into their account, thus allowing them to have a greater amount in their bankroll to spend on the games that they want to play. 

Players enjoy freebies whenever they can obtain them, while it can also show how appreciative an operator is as they recognize that visitors can go elsewhere. This type of bonus can be enjoyed by new players and existing members, thus making it a perfect all-rounder.


While the world of casino bonuses is often saturated with deposit and no deposit bonuses, there are many other types of promotions that are typically available, especially in a growing market like India’s. If given the opportunity, the three mentioned need to be tried, as these can each enhance any session enjoyed.