It is a fact that being rich from the birth can be the dream of many as it does give one the comforts that are hard to get otherwise. This does tell a lot about the art of having money from the day you are born. In the eyes of many, it can indeed be seen as a great way to live the life at best. But still it is hard to say if it is the best way to move forward the life.This does tell a lot about how being rich is all one needs.

Is it good to be rich from the birth?

Yes, most would agree to the fact that being rich from the birth is indeed a blessing as it does give the edge one is looking for. As a kid, one wants to get things to have fun and with money it is indeed easy to live a decent life. Hence, one can see things coming out far away from what it could have been if parents do have the money that can get most of the things one wants in life. It is what all about the value of money and how it can make a change of the kids.

Parents Dream

Every mother and father work very hard, so that their parents and kids can have the best of lives. This is why, it shows how things can be creative when there is a plan to follow at best. And this dream makes the lives of many kids better. And to be frank, it is not the fault of the kids if their parents are rich. They have done it, so kids can have a good life and they can make the best out of it.

Does make create problems?

It is a fact that many rich kids do follow the trap where they start taking drugs and other bad things. What it does that the growth they wanted to see in their lives do not look possible at all. This is what tells that how money can make the lives of so many kids look hard. It can mislead to so many situations that do break the overall outlook of the family.

And all of these kids can see Shloka Mehta as an inspiration. She came from a very rich family and married to one of the richest families all over the world, being the wife of Akash Ambani.


It is indeed great to be a rich kid if one can act like Shloka Mehta and others as they do care about the things they have. However, she is not just one example to follow but there are others. As a rich kid can help many in future, it is kind of a social duty to stay active and follow right paths so the money one has cane make a great outlook and this is indeed a need of the hour that can show the fact that how money can make one better but you have to follow life in a better manner.