Peyton Royce, born Cassie McIntosh on November 10, 1992, in Sydney, Australia, has had a significant effect in the world of professional wrestling. With her talent, dedication, and charisma, she has risen through the ranks of WWE to become one of the most recognizable and respected female superstars in the industry.

    Royce’s journey in the world of professional wrestling began at a young age when she decided to pursue her fantasy about becoming a WWE superstar. She trained rigorously in her homeland, Australia, and quickly gained recognition on the independent wrestling circuit under the ring name KC Cassidy. Her skills and passion for wrestling caught the eye of WWE scouts, leading to her signing with the company’s developmental brand, NXT, in 2015.

    Under the WWE umbrella, Peyton Royce continued to hone her craft. She underwent a transformation, both in terms of her in-ring skills and her character. It wasn’t long before she joined forces with Billie Kay, forming the iconic duo known as “The IIconics.” Their unique blend of humor, charisma, and in-ring chemistry quickly endeared them to WWE fans around the world.

    “The IIconics” made their main roster debut in April 2018, becoming an integral part of WWE’s women’s division. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay’s partnership was characterized by their entertaining promos, comedic timing, and a genuine friendship that shone through both on and off the screen. They were known for their catchphrase, “You can’t spell ‘iconic’ without I, C, O, and N,” and they backed it up with their performances.

    One of the defining moments of Peyton Royce’s career came at Wrestle Mania 35 in 2019. “The IIconics” shocked the world by winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships in a Fatal 4-Way Match. It was a crowning achievement for Royce and Kay, solidifying their place in WWE history.

    Beyond their tag team success, Peyton Royce also pursued her solo career. She participated in various singles matches and showcased her versatility as a performer. Her athleticism, in-ring prowess, and natural charisma allowed her to stand out in a highly competitive women’s division.

    However, like many WWE superstars, Peyton Royce faced her fair share of challenges. The wrestling world is known for its ups and downs, and Royce experienced her share of setbacks. Despite these hurdles, she remained resilient and continued to evolve as a performer.

    In 2021, Peyton Royce stood out as truly newsworthy when she showed up on WWE’s talk show, “Raw Talk,” and delivered a heartfelt and emotional promo. In that moment, she candidly spoke about her frustrations and her desire to prove herself as a singles competitor. Her words resonated with fans and fellow wrestlers alike, sparking a rush of support.

    Unfortunately, shortly after that moment, Peyton Royce was released from her WWE contract as part of a talent roster restructuring. While her departure was met with disappointment from fans who had followed her journey, it also ignited anticipation for what she would do next.

    As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Peyton Royce’s future in the wrestling industry remained uncertain. However, one thing was certain: her passion, talent, and determination would undoubtedly lead her to new opportunities and accomplishments in the world of professional wrestling or any endeavor she chose to pursue.


    Peyton Royce’s rise in WWE was set apart by difficult work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to her craft. From her beginnings in Australia to her memorable run as one-half of “The IIconics,” she left an indelible blemish on the wrestling world. While her WWE journey took unexpected turns, her resilience and talent ensured that her story was not even close to over. Peyton Royce’s legacy continues to inspire aspiring wrestlers and fans alike, proving that with determination and passion, dreams can become reality in the world of professional wrestling.