Miss Rachel- Popular YouTuber and a co-founder of Songs for Littles.

The advancement of technology had to lead to the development of various social media platforms. Social media platforms are one of the top growing domains in current market trends. Various social media platforms are there in the market with billions of users. Some such platforms include Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Many become popular by posting content on Youtube. One such YouTube star who became super famous is Miss Rachel. Do you want to know About Miss Rachel net Worth and why she got that much popularity? Then read this post completely.

Rachel Griffin Accurso was the original name of Miss Rachel. But she was well known as Miss Rachel to many people. She is a Youtuber from America and also a famous social media personality. She is also a well-established songwriter and educator. She is well known for children’s music. She creates breathtaking music videos for toddlers that mainly focuses on language development.

Ms Rachel Biography

Miss Rachel was born on November 8 th in the year 1980 in Biddeford, Maine. She was brought up in Sanford, Maine. She completed her schooling at Sanford High School.  Later she attended the University of South Maine and completed her theatre.She has also done a master’s degree in stream music education at New York University. Before starting her YouTube channel she worked as a music teacher at a preschool in New York. Currently, she is completing her second master’s degree in the stream of early childhood education.

Miss Rachel career

In the year she created her own YouTube channel along with her husband, Aron Accurso. Her husband Aron Accurso was a Broadway music composer and also a director. Actually, Ms. Rachel’s son didn’t speak his first word till two years. So in order to overcome speech delay problems in children they started this channel.

She used to create songs for both toddlers and infants. Later she created a children’s YouTube series and named it Songs for Littles. This series contains classic children’s songs that include rhymes and it also has original music for infants. This was led by Miss Rachel. She got inspired by the methods of her son’s early childhood speech therapist. She learned some techniques during this that improve her language development and also some subject matters. During the covid pandemic, this channel became super popular.As of now, this channel has nearly around million subscribers.

Miss Rachel was very active in TikTok but she took a break from it recently due to her mental health issues. Miss Rachel fans assumed this as a backlash as some parents are against Songs for Littles. Later this year in February Miss Rachel came back to tik tok and also marked Songs for Little for a creative artist agency.

Ms Rachel Net worth

Ms. Rachel is a popular social media Influencer, she is a popular American U Tuber and ms rachel net worth is near about $ 10 million to $ 15 Million

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