Ms. Rachel, also known online as Rachel Griffin Accurso, is a preschool teacher from New York City who is now a YouTube and TikTok star making a big impression on children worldwide. Close by her band, which incorporates her better half, Broadway writer Aron, Accurso produces a famous YouTube channel for babies and preschoolers with instructive recordings and music classes called Tunes for Littles. Accurso started the track after her child, Thomas, was determined to have a discourse delay. Few individuals knew who Ms Rachael was before they reported their detachment; however, now that she is standing out as truly newsworthy all over the place, she has stood up because of the people sharing their adoration for her.

Who is Ms. Rachel Griffin’s husband?

Few funds have been used to promote or advertise “Songs for Littles,” according to Ms. Gryphon Accurso. Ms. Gryphon Accurso has a huge following on YouTube, which continues to be the channel where her work makes the most money from paid commercials. However, she is also extremely popular on TikTok and Instagram. Accurso, the Ms Rachel husband, Gryphon, abandoned his full-time position as the assistant musical director and associate conductor for “Aladdin” on Broadway due to the company’s recent surge in prominence.

Facts about Aron Accurso 

  • Ms. Rachel’s spouse, Aron Accurso, is a gifted music chief and writer.
  • At Songs for Littles, Rachel Griffins collaborates with Aron on creative projects. 
  • Accurso is the Partner music chief for Aladdin on Broadway.
  • His other Broadway credits incorporate pleasant work on the off chance that you can get it, sister act, The Little Mermaid, and Billy Elliot.
  • The verses were composed by Jill Abramowitz for the tune that was introduced by the NAMT.
  • His undertakings incorporate composing and organizing music and dramas, altering the episodes, and performing manikins.
  • The performer fills in as an imaginative accomplice of Rachel Griffin and composes kids’ melodies for their channel Tunes for Littles.


With her husband, Ms. Gryphon Accurso creates scripts, sketches up situations, and selects the actors they will use. With the aid of a third-party editor who also creates animations for the videos, he edits and composes the music for them. The duo practices the songs, which can be either original songs written by Ms Rachel griffin and her husband, who also plays the part of the puppet Herbie, or well-known children’s songs sung in the Ms. Rachel griffin style. Although the backlash prompted Ms Gryphon Accurso to take a little hiatus from social media, she claims that she is still adamant about reflecting a variety of viewpoints.