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Movies are something that we all love to watch. While some of us like to watch animated movies, many of us also prefer to watch live-action. There are also various genres on which movies are based, like action, drama, horror, comedy and romantic comedies. There are also many more genres that are available for people to enjoy.

Before movies existed in our society like they do now, people used to gain entertainment from watching plays at different theatres. Apart from serving as a principal mode of entertainment, the plays written by prominent writers and poets also serve as important works of literature.

Movies So Far

If we compare the movies we see today with the movies that were there a couple of years ago, we will see a vast difference in the camera quality. However, despite there being an increase in the camera quality, it has not necessarily made the plotlines better too. But that is a story for another time.

There was a time when watching movies that were made in a different country were not really possible. But today we can watch movies wherever we want and it can be of any kind of genre or language. This mainly has happened due to the increase in technological advancement and as a result, it has made our lives much easier and has also made it easy for us to gain entertainment.

Streaming Services

 While going to the theatre to watch movies is one of the most common practices, watching movies on television is also equally as common. But ever since the rise of streaming services, people have been able to gain access to not only older content but some original releases as well. Netflix in Amazon Prime are two of the most popularly used streaming services across the world but there are also many streaming services that are based on playing regional programs only.


 FilmyZilla is an online movie downloading website from where a person can download movies that are either Indian movies or Hollywood movies. One can also download different Indian television serials with the help of this website. The content available on this website can be downloaded for free and once downloaded, it can be kept in the device storage for as long as the user will want. As this is a completely free service, there is no requirement for any kind of payment for using this website.

Problems with FilmyZilla

Although this is a good website for downloading movies, it has been restricted by the government and has been termed as an illegal website. So it is best to refrain from using this. Using restricted websites could also result in data piracy.

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