Detection of brain tumour in the early stage is challenging even in the 21st century.Because of the tumour’s evolving nature, heterogeneity, overlapping features, and subjective interpretation and aggressive tumour nature. A brain CT scan is a diagnostic tool used to evaluate the brain in a comprehensive manner. 

CT Scan stands for computed tomography or CAT scan. Brain CT scan is also known by a variety of names like- Cranial CT scan, Skull CT scan, Head scan and sinus scan.

CT scan of the brain for tumour analysis helps in finding the grade of tumour, treatment strategies, prognosis and metastasis. 

Focusing on brain tumour diagnosis it is important to diagnose the lesions early and help in tailoring the treatment you need. 

Brain tumours can be benign and malignant. It’s important to understand the risk factors, recognising the symptoms and adopting preventive measures that are vital in the battle against brain tumour.

Why is Brain Tumour So Hard to Diagnose?

Not only the diagnosis but the brain tumour is hard to treat. For decades, medical advancement in both fields of diagnosis and treatment improved the outcomes for patients with a variety of tumours. 

A number of factors make brain tumours a challenging disease to diagnose and treat, including the brain’s natural defence system, accessibility of the tumours and ability to spread and the complexity of brain cancer.

The Diagnostic Centre serves the brain CT scan in Delhi at an affordable price. Doctors may prescribe CT scans of the brain and chest to check whether cancer has occurred anywhere else in your body. Whole body CT scan detects whether the tumour of the brain might spread from cancer elsewhere in your body.  Centre like Ganesh Diagnostic Centre also provider PET CT Scan at one stop to diagnose the brain tumour.

Sign and Symptoms of Brain Tumour

Brain tumour symptoms depend on whether they are benign and malignant. Some of the common symptoms are:-

  • Headache episodes
  • Seizure
  • Vision problem Memory loss
  • Mood changes 
  • Loss of balance
  • Fatigue
  • Speech problem
  • Difficult in concentration 
  • Muscle weakness
  • Tingling sensation or stiffness in the body

Types of Brain Tumour

There are various types of brain tumour and specific symptoms-

  • Meningioma
  • Glioblastoma
  • Astrocytoma
  • Craniopharyngioma
  • Pituitary tumour 
  • Metastatic tumour

Early Diagnosis of Brain Tumour Impact on Patients Prognosis

The symptoms of the brain tumour are not specific such as headaches or dizziness. The time of diagnosis of brain tumour which includes its location, size and type. So early diagnosis means – early treatment which has positive impacts on an individual’s health and life. 

The purpose of early detection is to investigate how tumour size and grade influence the test ability to detect the cancer.

The latest technology like Blood test, radiology test and gene test detect the disease as early as possible.

The choice of test totally depends on the neurophysician. Functional MRI and spectroscopy has revolutionised the diagnosis of brain tumours. 

Ganesh Diagnostic offers a wide range of diagnostic tests to diagnose multi-cancer that will analyse all types of cancer. This best diagnostic centre near you holds the patent for its unique methodology for the detection of all cancers.

Prevention Tips

Talking about prevention tips, a brain tumour specialist from Ganesh Diagnostics said “ Whether it is impossible to prevent brain tumour 100% but it can be reduced by avoiding smoking, radiation exposure and adopting a healthy lifestyle”.

Early stages detection through CT Scan or Whole Body MRI screening near you which is a golden key for better treatment and patient outcomes for brain tumour.